Favoritos de enero: lettering


Nuestros favoritos de lettering en este mes de enero.

Finaliza el primer mes del año y hemos decidido compartir con ustedes nuestros favoritos que hemos encontrado este mes. ¿Quién dijo lettering?

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I was asked to come up with an “ugly” word to letter for inclusion an upcoming lettering book. Of course, ugliness is totally subjective and no other guidelines were given, so I chose the word “gruel,” which is an ugly word both phonetically and historically. It conjures up images of dingy Victorian workhouses and hungry orphans in Dickensian novels. I love packaging design from that time because regardless of what the product was—from rat poison to talcum powder (which could probably also double as rat poison, since everything had arsenic in it in those days)—the package was always incredibly ornate and decorated. They were masters of making all things, including ugly ones, look beautiful.

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Happy holidays 🍻

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Estos son algunos de nuestros favoritos que hemos descubierto en este primer mes, nos vemos a final de la semana con el siguiente tema del mes.

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